Carbon fiber market

Carbon fiber market overview

Carbon fiber market overview

The next 10 years, the face of the expansion of engineering applications such as aerospace airlift aircraft high response, carbon fiber composites market will grow to $ 3,000,000,000. Higher modulus grade carbon fiber composites market demand will grow substantially.

High modulus carbon fiber in the international market, mainly Japanese goods (Toray, Toho, Mitsubishi), the dominant market supply and price, and not a lot of popularity supply.

High modulus of carbon fibers with low modulus carbon fibers difference (2-fold or more) of the existing high-priced, the cost limit makes the product design surfaces create difficulties in the market can not be universal.

Carbon fiber Overview

Composite application level is deep and wide enough to affect people's life, but the analysis of material composition, composite materials can give full play to its strengths and show a variety of characteristics, argumentative composite reinforcement (Reinforcement). These types of reinforcement described as dazzling, but its classification of material types, cite important by nothing more than carbon fiber (graphite fiber), glass fiber and carat fiber three other fibers because of high prices, low production, the majority only for research or special uses, carbon fibers, glass fibers and ct three mainstream of the fibers constituting the reinforcing material of the present composite material, especially of carbon fibers and glass fibers occupy nearly the entire reinforcing fiber of the entire.

Strengthening of the name suggests that in reinforcing material strength, stiffness, or a specific function, its role For example, the bones of the human body, and the buildings of reinforced with support human muscle or strengthen the function of the house, and to endure the load imposed by the outside world. It can change the mechanical properties of the raw material, the physical properties or chemical properties such as the kind, type and amount of the change amount of the size and the reinforcer used of this type comprises a fiber is a continuous, non-continuous, short fibers, particles or whisker, the amount ranging from 10 to 20%, as many as 60 to 70%. Strengthening of the join, in the enhancement of the mechanical strength was generally both positive effect, and the effect increases with the increase in the amount of fibers added.

The birthplace of carbon fiber production in Japan, early Japanese major countries for the production of carbon fiber, its production accounts for more than 60% of the world, on the contrary the U.S. The main consumer of carbon fiber, about 60% of the world's carbon fiber for the U.S.. The United States in response to domestic demand in the large number of military and space applications, many large companies have been put into production ranks due to the carbon fiber in the needs of all walks of life, many countries around the world are competing to invest or expand production capacity. Taiwan in 1986 from the United States to buy carbon fiber production technology from Taiwan production of PAN fibers firing carbon fiber, providing domestic production racket, fishing rod and CFRP products with. The production of carbon fiber company in response to market needs and to expand production capacity, or combined with other companies, and some companies announced discontinued due to poor management. International economic conditions and changes in the market have thousands of fortunate survived, or continue to operate, all working to improve the quality of the carbon fiber, especially for the production of high strength and high modulus carbon fiber target.

Carbon fiber applications

International oil prices hit a record high in the last week and also strengthened the demand for energy-saving, carbon fiber gradually attention because of its special physical, extensive use of carbon fiber, including the aviation industry, as well as sports equipment use a large number of energy-saving is noteworthy that the weight of the carbon fiber is only half of the aluminum or steel fifth, however, the hardness is ten times that of steel, according to the experiment proved one centimeter carbon fiber able to lift a. Five tons of heavy objects, light and toughness products course for energy-saving benefits.

A380 passenger floor area of ​​more than the Boeing 747 out of nearly half of the space, and can accommodate 850 passengers, test fuel consumption than seven hundred forty-seven airliner save three percent converter transported one hundred kilometers per use less than three liters of oil, actually brought fuel consumption compared with the average family saloon car, almost too much gap, and will be released in 2010, A350 airliner, per one hundred kilometers fuel consumption is also expected to decreased from. About five liters, with cars now almost comparable; able so energy-efficient performance, the the Airbus Group said, fuel economy is mainly because the body uses a lot of carbon fiber material and fuel-efficient technology.

In addition, the carbon fiber applications in the wind power fan, automotive composite brake pads, and even high-tech Fl car body is carbon fiber build.

As for the terminal application, many downstream manufacturers in Taiwan starting mass production OEM manufacturers of golf club head Daejeon, reinvestment of Tian Ying established, for the carbon fiber material to develop sports-related supplies, there are hockey sticks skis, bows and arrows and a bicycle and other related carbon fiber products and into the the bathroom equipment related to this industry's future growth can only maintain stable But the new business sector technology ceramic at in recent years, investment in research touches it is worth looking forward to, the department developed a carbon fiber composite Quartermaster and material goods, the main application in the consumer electronics industry.

And into Technology Ceramics Department, established in 2004, the high-performance anti-bomb ceramic technology, research and development of ballistic Tao diskette and steel plate has been detected through domestic, can use on the body armor, huge is cooperation with ITRI carbon fiber composites research and development, in addition to the bike related materials use, as well as carbon fiber reinforced films, mainly used in the repair building cracks, actively develop capacity plans provided to NB and other electronic products, it seems huge to have the opportunity to become a big dark horse of the carbon fiber concept there is more carbon fiber applications, leave it to the advanced and continue to develop innovative!