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About UHT

About UHT

UHT, a start-up IM/ HM carbon fiber manufacturer, was originally formed as a joint venture by carbon fiber technology team from the ITRI, a professional investment institution, Hydeletter, and an international self-adhesive tape company, T-TEK, in developing IM/ HM carbon fiber materials since 2011. The company has established the world’s first high-modulus carbon fiber processing factory, gained exclusive patented technologies, and passed a number of certifications in providing middle/ high-modulus, high tensile strength and thermoplastic carbon fiber material. Our annual production capacity is 300 tons, and our products have been adopted by a number of domestic and international customers.


  • 2014 May

    U30 and UT1000 was promoted to American market

  • 2014 Nov.

    U30S won the Winner of 2014 Innovation Award by JEC group at raw material category

  • 2014 Mar.

    U30 and UT1000 was promoted to Europe market

  • 2013 Jun.

    HM CF, UT1000 was launched officially

  • 2013 Jan.

    IH CF, U30 was promoted to Asian market

  • 2012 Dec.

    IH CF, U30, was launched officially

  • 2012 Nov.

    Completed the first production line of IH CF, U30, with 300 tons capacity

  • 2012 Jul.

    Passed the technical Certification of IH/ HM CF

  • 2012 Mar.

    UHT factory was established at Zhongli city Taiwan

  • 2011 Sep.

    UHT was founded at Zhongli city Taiwan

  • 2009 Sep.

    Mr. Ben Wang has successfully developed high temperature graphitization technologies for high-end carbon fiber in ITRI

  • 2008 Jan.

    Pre-researched graphitization of carbon fiber in ITRI


With an exclusive and world-class and original high-end carbon fiber manufacturing technology, UHT can help customers to break through the limitations of designed materials, complete product’s upgrades, build low-cost, high-performance and highly competitive advantages of composite products , to break through a different way of thinking in composite materials.


Continuously establish high entry barrier of technical in developing IM/ HM carbon fibers, expand mass production to increase productivity effect and build up our value and brand to be a leading manufacturer of carbon fibers.