UHT Unitech Listed On Taiwan OTC Stock Market 2017-09-15

The first emerging stock listed company of A-Team 4.0 invested by AIDC

UHT Unitech Co., Ltd (6618) announce emerging stock board listed today. UHT was funded in Sept. 2011, specialize in supplying unique solution of Intermediate modulus (IM)/ High modulus (HM) and High strength (HS) carbon fiber. UHT has developed the worldwide patented technology – Microwave Ultra-High Temperature graphitization (MW-UHT) and mass production the carbon fiber over hundred tons successfully. Also got the certification of ISO 9001 and AS-9100. The chairman of UHT James Wu said, UHT successfully develops the cost-effective and high grade carbon fiber unique Turnkey Solution in 2016 based on the innovative MW technology. For clients, the solution is consist of production equipment, process control, quality assurance and shorten the training time to mass production. And the General Manager Mr. Ben Wang said, UHT is the first emerging stock listed company of A-Team 4.0 invested by Aerospace Industrial Development Corp (AIDC). Meanwhile, UHT already got the order from China and the shipment will be arranged in Q1 2018. The HM carbon fiber still need to resolve the imbalance between supply and demand, process adjustment, product design and other issues. HM of carbon fibers with IM carbon fiber difference of the existing high-priced, the cost limit makes the product design surfaces create difficult in the market cannot be universal. So the most important is to cut the price down to meet the market requirement. UHT has been focused on developing cost-effective and high grade carbon fiber and guarantee customers to get HM carbon fiber via the patented technology – microwave graphitization. UHT is able to provide customers stable unique turnkey solution of carbon fiber production, become reliable partner in composite industries. And increase customer’s value through UHT’s technology innovation and product quality, also bring the composite products to higher level with much broader access to various industries, such like industrial equipment, aerospace and renewable energy, etc. So that the industries be able to break the restrictions, and move toward the high-margin, high-value-added in the future.