The most potential carbon fiber producer. The founder of UHT, Ben Wang is the Pride of Taiwan 2015-03-27

The most potential carbon fiber producer. The founder of UHT, Ben Wang is the Pride of Taiwan

Dr. Ben Wang who is in his middle 30’s innovates the carbon fiber ultra-high graphitization process- microwave heating technology, which was granted many patents from USA and China etc. Not only the unique technology surpasses the big players in Japan, but also broke the Japanese monopoly on carbon fiber market. In 2014, Ben and his team won the JEC Asia Innovation Award in the raw material category in Singapore, and he is called the Pride of Taiwan.

Four years ago, Ben and his friends established UHT at Zhongli Industrial area in Taiwan, and they developed products, self-created production line and equipment, and did promotion themselves. Now UHT’ capacity reaches 300 tons per year, and focus on producing IM/ HM carbon fibers which could be extensively applied to golf clubs, tennis rackets, automotive composites and aircraft.

Ben Wang said, carbon fibers are taken as an important producing material by global industries due to its light weight and high rigidity, especially, the high-end carbon fiber is the key to access to the US and Europe markets. UHT has successfully converted general fibers’ properties of strength and modulus to IM/ HM grade through its unique and patented microwave heating technology, and the value of output and business are considerably growing.

Ben Wang said, the origin of carbon fiber is in Japan, and Japanese production accounts for 60% in the worldwide market. However, UAS consumes 60% carbon fibers of the world and largely invest significant amount in defense and aerospace industries. So far, manufacturing and developing carbon fiber is an extremely expensive investment, there are only a few visible manufacturers in the world.