UHT launched high rigidity PC and ABS of carbon fiber2014-02-26

UA-25 and UA-35, which are fiber reinforced plastic composite materials, used carbon fiber as a reinforcing material to reinforce its effect, and added to the thermoplastic plastics for compounding to prepare a plastic composite material, in order to enhance the mechanical properties of tensile strength and rigidity of thermoplastic plastics.

Compared with general fiberglass plastic in the market, our products, which are the characteristics of high rigidity and good fluidity, easily facilitate the process and have both extremely high physical properties and EMI efficacy. Fiberglass plastic under high compared with commercially available, high rigidity, high mobility characteristics, not only to facilitate the process, and has a very high electromagnetic shielding properties and both (EMI) performance.

Compared to metallic materials, the advantages of fiber reinforced plastic composite materials in the application of high-strength demand are anti-embroidered, acid, light weight, and these materials can be used in general injection molding or extrusion molding equipment processing, so its manufacturing cost is lower than metallic materials. Currently, the demand for high strength applications, fiber reinforced plastic composites have been gradually replaced by metal.

Our fiber reinforced plastic composite material substrates include extensive plastic, general engineering plastics, high performance engineering plastic, almost all thermoplastic plastic substrates can be prepared. We are able to adjust the product formulation in compliance with the customers’ products feature and function and provide customized services to fully meet the need of customers’ products.

Feature :

  • Reduce the fiber content of the UA series of plastic, provide high mechanical properties and reduce the problem of floating fiber in the processing
  • Eliminate the need for special processing processes, increase smoothness of the surface treatment of post-production
  • Have EMI effects with the product itself, no post-processing
  • Light weight, strength, high rigidity, good fluidity, suitable for general injection molding process
  • The plastic thermal effects is better than the average

Application :

  • 3C case
  • The needs of high rigidity products
  • The needs of EMI characteristics products
  • Industrial parts and accessories.