UHT ultra high strength carbon fiber competes with Japanese products2013-06-03

UHT ultra high strength carbon fiber competes with Japanese products

UHT unitech which is a few companies produces high-end carbon fiber in the world. The company was the first one who developed 30 tons of intermediate carbon fiber products in Taiwan in 2012. In 2013, it upgraded the technique of carbon fiber, not only developed a high-end carbon fiber, 40 tons, but also launched an advanced carbon fiber, T1000, which reached tensile strength 310GPa and tensile modulus 6,300MPa could apply to aerospace planes, racing cars of formula one, satellites and high-performance bikes. The performance of UT1000 could compete with T1000, the highest-class carbon fiber in the world, produced by Toray and extensively used as dream material in the global aerospace industry.

”We launched UT1000 broke the Japanese monopoly on ultra high strength carbon fiber,” UHT unitech President Nancy Wang and Dean of Research & Development Affairs Ben Wang said in an interview. The high-end fiber is an international controlled item, currently, only a few companies can gain the buying licenses. “UHT has unique production technique, and our products will catch international media’s eyes.” UT1000 will be able to help Taiwanese industry changed and to get an opportunity in producing high-profit products, such as the aerospace industry. Therefore, the dream material will enable to make the quality of MIT (Make in Taiwan) to win an important position internationally.

Carbon fiber is an international important material which will be used as high-grade industrial products of required sophisticated material developing in aerospace, automotive and energy industry for next generation. Entering the fiber industry, it needs large investment, overcomes high technical difficulties, and its material supply is limited but very expensive. However, UHT owns a number of patents of graphitization technology, after launched its 30 tons of intermediate modulus carbon fiber in 2013, the fiber has successfully reduced 10%~30% the cost and has raised 10%~20% the profit for their clients. Currently, the product has been shipped continuously. With production ability of high-grade carbon fiber, UHT has gained high affirmation from related industry.